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Veterans Day Parade 2016

Information for American Legion Members

Please address any questions to;

PURPOSEThe sole purpose of the NYC Veterans Day Parade is to honor the service of our Veterans and to salute our currently serving military.  It is a Non-partisan, Non-political event, and may NOT be used as a platform for any other purpose or political agenda.  The American Legion is non-partisan and non-political. Please do not bring anything into the parade that may be construed as being either partisan or political or you will be removed from the Parade until the situation is corrected.


¥Dress your Best – Suit and Tie (or the female equivalent) and the Legion Cap, or the appropriate US Military Uniform, is the Dress Standard. Please try to get as close to the Dress Standard while keeping the weather and your personal limitations in mind. The better you are dressed, the more prominent you will be placed in the contingent. We are representing the Legion on a National stage and we need to put our best foot forward.

¥Marshals – The American Legion will have our own Marshals. Please listen to them, their word is Final. 

¥Color Guard – An official Color Guard will be representing us. Please DO NOT show up with your own Color Guard or flags, they will not be allowed in our contingent.

¥Banners – There shall be NO banners other than those provided by the Parade Committee. If you must have your banner in the parade, we will notify the UWVC that you will not be marching with us and to place you in the Parade accordingly. 

¥Family – We are the American Legion Family and will be marching as such. If your Family wishes to march with you, they need to get as close to the Dress Standard as possible.

¥Individuals or Groups - Any Legion Member may participate as an individual in our contingent. If you wish to march next to others, your placement in the contingent will be based on the person(s) dressed furthest from the Dress Standard.

DATE/TIME:  The parade will take place Saturday, November 11 (Veterans Day!), rain or shine.  It will start at 1115hrs (at the conclusion of the Opening Ceremony, see below) and end between 1530 and 1630hrs. The American Legion contingent will be near the front of the Parade, so please make your way to the staging area immediately after the ceremony. We WILL leave without you.

ROUTEThe parade goes north on Fifth Ave., from 26th to 54th Street, and is 1.4 miles (30-40 minutes on foot).

OPENING CEREMONY:  The parade is preceded by the traditional opening ceremony at the Eternal Light Monument (5th Avenue @ 24th Street, next to Madison Square Park).  The ceremony begins at 1000hrs and concludes with a wreath laying at 1100hrs (The 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month).  Seating is available at the opening ceremony, with preference given to our disabled and elderly veterans.

ASSEMBLY:  On the morning of the parade, we will assemble North of Madison Square Park (5th Ave. & 23rd St). Our exact position is not set yet. We will be near the front of the Parade, so we will need to assemble right after the Opening Ceremony. The float and all vehicles must be in place before 0830hrs.

VIEWING THE PARADE: Spectators (especially family & friends of participants) are encouraged to gather to show their support along the parade route (see above).

REVIEW STAND:  VIP’s and military Reviewing Officers will review the parade from the stage on 5th Avenue at 41st Street (in front of the NY Public Library).  Bleacher seating is available near the Review Stand, with priority seating for elderly & disabled veterans.

ELDERLY & DISABLED PARTICIPANTS:  We encourage our elderly and disabled veterans to join us!  We will have a dedicated float & vehicles available for them to ride in the parade. If they wish to observe the parade instead, reserved seating is available at the Review Stand (see above), and at the Opening Ceremony (see above). Disabled Parking is also available.

E-mail to reserve seating on the float or in a vehicle.

Space will be provided on a RSVP basis, with preference going to those with the greatest need.

VEHICLES: If there’s a Vehicle you wish to put in the Parade, please e-mail the information and vehicle description ASAP to for approval.

Below is the UWVC’s Parade Vehicle policy;

The vehicle policy is intended to ensure the safety, security and smooth running of the Parade:

¥All vehicles must be able to provide proof of registration and insurance upon request, and all drivers must be legally licensed for the class of vehicle they will be driving.

¥All vehicles must be able to arrive at and depart the Parade area without assistance, and must be able complete the 1.4 mile parade route (including waiting times) safely and cleanly.

¥All vehicles should be clean and of historic/decorative value (or should be appropriately decorated). Photos may be requested.

¥All vehicles should be ready to transport elderly or disabled veterans up the parade route.

Our Staging Area is unknown at this time

Check back here for updates

Contact for RSVP’s and questions.